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Classic Coffee and Tea Scenes Vol. 1

Happy Wednesday from Fly Caught Coffee and Tea!
Okay, before we go any further, we will obviously point out that this is not a “fly fishing related” post, but surprise...we at Fly Caught are not just fly fishers.  We also LOVE coffee & tea along along with a little pop-culture.  So today we are focusing on that.
Now, every coffee/tea head knows there are those quintessential or “classic” TV/Movie scenes that highlight, touch on, or contain coffee & tea.  So, for the next few weeks, as a mid-week break (also known as an excuse to take a few minutes watching mindless videos) we will be posting a few of these clips.  Please know that these clips are in no particular order, they all have to do with coffee or tea, and finally note that some of these clips contain adult language and content…so view at your own risk
Happy hump day and CHEERS!!
Oh....and if you think we missed any then LET US KNOW!
Thanks and Keep Fishing!
The “Fly By” from Top Gun
Wait, how do you like your coffee?? from Airplane:
We get it Captain…you are an Earl Grey Fan from StarTrek:
It is a large coffee from Role Models: