We only ship once a week. Order before 11:00AM PST on Tuesday to have your order ship that week.


What/Who is Fly Caught Coffee and Tea LLC? For more details about us and what we do, please check out our About Us/Who We Are Page
Fly Caught Coffee and Tea is a “for fly-bum by fly-bum” company that wants to make fly fishing better through great coffee and great tea.  We aim to achieve this by: 
  • Showing those who fly fish that better coffee and better tea allows them to get more out of their fly fishing experience
  • Educating those who fly fish about GREAT coffee and GREAT tea
  • Suppling those who fly fish with the highest quality coffees and teas
  • Supporting the fly fishing community as a whole
Simply put….We want GREAT coffee & GREAT tea to make fly fishing BETTER in more than one way.
How does Fly Caught Coffee & Tea's order process work?
Our coffees and teas are intended to make your time chasing fish BETTER. To ensure this, we offer only the best coffee/tea, sourced from only the best locations, produced by only the best people, and finally we work tirelessly to supply it to you as fresh as possible. Unfortunately at this point though, this means our coffee or tea are roasted/mixed/prepared/packaged on an “as ordered” basis and shipped on a weekly cycle.  This guarantees you are not using anything that has sat on the shelf for weeks/months and that you are drinking something that is far better than the stale gas station coffee or the lackluster bag brewed tea we are all far to familiar with.  So please pick one of our offerings and place your order. If your order is made before the weekly cut off time (TUESDAYS @ 11pm PST) then we will likely get your order out that week.  If for some reason you miss the deadline, do not worry.  Your order will simply be rolled over to the following week. We apologize for any hassle this process may create but we truly believe this is the best way to make sure you get the best coffee and the best tea possible.  It is the only way we feel that we can guarantee your cup of coffee/tea is WORTHY of the rivers we fish on and the fish we chase. So please place an order, enjoy, and KEEP FISHING!
What does all the information on your labels mean?
There are a few key items worth noting on the labels of our coffees and our teas:
1) Product Name - As I am sure you have noticed, all of our products have unique fly fishing specific names.  These names come from either a fly fishing fly or an aquatic insect.  But what you probably don't know is that all of these names also have a meaningful story or connection for someone on the Fly Caught team.  You can get the details of these “back stories” by scrolling down on the products page and by watching our social media content.  We know the stories around fly fishing are almost as important as the act itself and we LOVE talking stories!
2) Type/Origin - The type and the origin of a coffee or a tea have a great impact on the experience of drinking it.  We always include these details to allow coffee heads and newbies alike to know the most about their coffee/tea as possible. 
3) Profile Descriptions - All who fly fish remember learning about rod weights when they first started out.  Well this rod weight description seemed only logical to use when describing the characteristics of our coffees and our teas.  So on each label you will see specific characteristics described using rod weight designations from 2wt up to 12wt.  The following are the rough guidelines for these designations:
Coffee Descriptions
Roast: 2wt = light, 6wt = medium, 12wt = dark
Aroma: 2wt = delicate, 6wt = robust but not overpowering, 12wt = strong and complex
Body: 2wt = watery and delicate, 6wt = smooth and round, 12wt = Full big and chewy
Taste: 2wt = Fruity/citrus, 6wt = chocolate, 12wt = earthy
Tea Descriptions
Body: 2wt = light, 12wt = heavy
Aroma: 2wt = fruity/flowery/sweet, 12wt = earthy/dirty/musty
Taste: 2wt = fruity/flowery/sweet, 12wt = earthy/dirty/musty
What are the details around your donation program?
When Fly Caught Coffee and Tea started, we had just one goal. We wanted to make Fly Fishing BETTER via great coffee and great tea.  This meant that we wanted to educate fly fishers about great coffee and tea and also supply them with great coffees and teas.  But beyond that we also wanted to give back to the sport of fly fishing and we wanted to allow our customers to give back to the sport of fly fishing.  That is why we made "supporting the sport" part of our business model.  To do this we are currently committed to giving a portion of the profits from each bag we sell to a handful of organizations and groups that are in the trenches protecting and sharing the sport of fly fishing.  By being a customer of ours you enable us to give in this fashion.  Note that as this program develops and evolves we will keep you all informed but for now we just ask that everyone enjoys their Fly Caught products a little more knowing that they are helping fish, rivers, and fly fishers by choosing to do business with us.
What shipping carriers do you use?
We primarily use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for all of our shipping needs.  If something different or special is needed, we can usually make accommodations, however there is typically additional cost associated with this which will be passed on accordingly.
What are the shipping rates?
For most of our items, the shipping rates are based on the weight of the package.  As reference aids, the shipping weights of all of our products can be found on the specific products pages.
Where do you ship?
Currently we only ship to the contiguous United States of America but we are working on expanding our options in the near future.  In the meantime, if you are out of this area, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do to get you some Fly Caught Coffee or Tea.
How can I track my order?
Currently our automated order tracking processes and options are limited.  If you have questions about your order please feel free to contact us via email and we will see what we can do to address your questions.  In the meantime, please review our FAQ section, including the above “How does our order process work?” section, for details.  **Remember that missing the weekly order deadline can/could add an additional week long delay to your shipping time.**
Can I change my order after it has been placed?
Please reach out to us via email with any questions about your order. We will see what we can do, and while we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix/alter the order after it has been placed and entered into our production/shipping process, we will ALWAYS do our best to get you what you need.
How do I return an item or receive a refund?
As an online “to-order” small batch coffee & tea company, we cannot afford to supply refunds on already roasted/mixed/packaged product.  If there is major physical damage to the packaging of your product or you feel it would not be safe to consume your coffee/tea, then these items can usually be returned/replaced for the same product (or the available equivalent).  However, all returns/replacements are at the sole discretion of Fly Caught Coffee and Tea LLC so reach out via email and we will see what we can do.
Where/How should I store my new coffee/tea?
We do everything we can to insure your product arrives to you as fresh as possible and after you receive your shipment, we recommend that you store your coffee and/or tea in a dark, airtight containers at roughly room temperature.  This should keep your product fresh for 3-5 weeks and ensure your coffee or tea is ready for your next fishing trip.  Check out our “Brewing Equipment” page for some storage container options that trust.