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About Fly Caught Coffee & Tea

Fly Caught Coffee and Tea is a “for fly-bum by fly-bum” company with the mission of making fly fishing better through great coffee and tea.  This means we focus on educating fly fishers about better coffee/tea, supplying them with the highest quality coffee/tea, and also by promoting & supporting the fly fishing community as a whole. 

It is time to rid the river banks, drift boats, and fishing rigs of BAD COFFEE and BAD TEA.

Its time for Fly Caught Coffee and Tea!


Details about our "quite" Donation Program/Plan

Beyond providing great coffee and great tea to those who fly fish, when we first started out, we knew we had to find a way to allow those who fly fish (including ourselves) to give back to the sport.  We had to find a way for us to truly "Make Fly Fishing Better". Well, wouldn't you know it, the solution to this problem came to us over, what else, but a cup of coffee.  Why not utilize our “addiction” to coffee and tea for good?  Why not link our coffee/tea consumption to supporting worthy causes and the organizations doing important work for those who fly fish?  So Fly Caught Coffee and Tea decided that we would be committed to donating a portion of the profits of each and every bag sold directly to those groups/causes/organizations who are focused on sharing fly fishing and protecting fish and the water they live in.  We wanted to try and avoid using this as a marketing pitch or a gimmick, so you will likely not hear a lot about it (mind you we do reserve the right to mention it :) ), but we do look forward to seeing the positive outcomes that our customers contributions create and more importantly we want to THANK our customers for caring about our sport as much as we do.