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Gripes of a Gainfully Employed Fly-Bum: Ep. 1 - The PAIN of the Morning Commute

For those of us that keep a “9-5” in order to fund our fish chasing habits, it is bitter sweet to see a rigged drift boat or decked out raft headed to the river during our weekday commute.  It doesn't matter if it’s a perfect sunny spring morning or a cold late season day, shaking off the initial “screw you, you lucky bums” thoughts and mustering up a genuine good luck wave is one of the hardest things to do.  But with limited days on the water and not wanting to roll the dice by bringing on bad karma/luck, these morning interactions are not the time to hate the player.  So I always make sure to wave or wish them luck and try my best to be glad that while my butt is parked in an office chair dealing with memos and mad customers, there is someone out there living the dream and soaking in those mid-week days on the water.  Someone doing it beats no one doing it…I guess:)
Keep Fishing!