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It's all part of the experience!

I've started to think that what you drink from is just as important as what you are drinking, who you are drinking with, and where you are drinking.  Because they all add up to make the "experience." For me, since I usually try to drink my Fly Caught either on the river or on the way to the river, that typically means I am drinking from a "function" mug instead of a form mug. I mean, my stainless steel mug collection is rather sizable. But, I recently was able to work with an Insta friend (@heidiaqua) to get a few custom handcrafted mugs made with the Fly Caught "fly" logo on the side. Well...I could not be happier!  But, who wouldnt be?  A fly-fishy mug, made by a fly fisher, that holds fly fishy coffee/tea! And while I decided to sell a few of these custom mugs, I of course kept one for the "office" mug. Which has proven that drinking out of a great mug, one that resonates with me, seems to almost make what I am drinking taste better...which is pretty impressive since I am usually drinking Fly Caught and I was not sure it could get much better! :)


Cheers...and KEEP FISHING!