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It's usually tough to ruin a great day on the river!!

I was recently out on a local river with two of Fly Caught Coffee and Tea’s “Board of Directors” doing a little fishing and some “product testing." Now, while we had a fantastic day on the water, it was a little disheartening to get to the take-out and find that one of the tires on the “Blue Bomber's” trailer was flat.  However…that was not nearly as disheartening as realizing that I had left the key to the spare tire locked in my pickup (which was some 50 miles away).  Luckily…out of muscle memory, I had thrown a can of “Fix-a-Flat” into the shuttle vehicle that morning.  So after a little cursing and enjoying the last swig of iced tea in my mug...we fixed that flat and proceeded to make it home without major issue. Proving yet again that it's usually tough to ruin a great day on the water!!
Cheers....and KEEP FISHING!