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The whole is greater.....

Fly Caught Coffee & Tea recently made a trip down to Silver Creek for a week of fishing with old friends. Being able to fish these fabled waters is always incrediable but this trip was a reminder that the actual fishing is only part of the larger fly fishing experience. The people you fish with, the journey to the water, your rituals of rigging rods in the morning, the BS sessions around a tailgate in the evening, and even what you drink from sun up to sun down are all parts that add up to make the whole.  And that is why we need to remember....the small things do matter. A bad cup of coffee or a disappointing cup of tea might not ruin a trip but it certainly won't make it better.  Fly Caught wants your coffee & tea to make your fly fishing experience better.  We want to help make sure that your whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts! 

Keep Fishing!