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Yeah...but which whiskey? - Coffee Edition

It’s true, life is full of difficult questions.  How was the universe created? What is love?  Which whiskey should I put in my coffee?  Well okay…deciding which whiskey best compliments your next cup of joe is probably not on the long list of life's tough questions.  But I just can’t believe I am the only one wondering if a shot of Jameson is better in that brew than a dash of Jim Beam. Which is why I took it upon myself to do a little research, both in person and on the inter webs, and this is what I found. Now, a few disclaimers, this is not a complete guide to spiking coffee. I only looked at straight whiskey and black coffee combos.  I did not look at “Irish Coffee” style cocktails, which usually include sugar and a milk/cream and will likely be covered later. I did not test ALL possible combinations either, instead I simply tested until I found a winner and then moved on.  Also, while it is frowned upon, I only covered whiskey added directly to coffee.  Not coffee with a whiskey on the side or a whiskey and coffee “pairing.”  And finally, the following information is very subjective.  This is just a place to start and anything more “expert level” will likely require focused and diligent “on the water testing” and research.  So pick your poison, order some Fly Caught Coffee, and get after it!!

Our Findings:

Again, from wines and beers to burgers and fries, when it comes to discussions about “which is better” everyone has an opinion and they usually are all over the board. So with that said, these are simply the coffee and whiskey combinations we found that work well with our current Fly Caught coffees.  If you disagree we’d love to hear about it.  After all, we are always looking to try something new!

  • Holiday Blend Coffee - This darker roast seems to pair well with an Irish whiskey like Jameson!  Simple, clean, and will always provide just the right “kick”!
  • Hopper House Blend - This classic “diner style” coffee is perfectly crafted to pair with what else but “the classic” Jack Daniels. (Pro-tip: go with Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire for a different twist).
  • PMD Panama -  Being our lighter roasted and lighter tasting coffee, this really calls for a lighter whiskey.  Which is why, in our opinion, it is a perfect match for an easy drinking Canadian whiskey like Pendleton.
  • Stonefly Sumatra - This one is simple.  Baileys Irish Cream (I know, I know…but we’re calling it a “whiskey” for this application).  This dark roasted coffee calms down with a splash of this well known whiskey/Irish cream flavored concoction and is just a great combination…so get over it.


    Others Findings:


    Cheers….and Keep Fishing!

    PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE and always drink responsibly.