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Yeah....but which whiskey? - Iced Edition

Hot damn, it's starting to warm up and all the ice/snow is finally gone from our local rivers.  This means one thing….sunny summer days are right around the corner!  It also means it’s time to offer up a few whiskey pairing recommendations that utilize Fly Caught Coffees and Teas on ice.  So here we go.  Now, despite having said this in previous “Which Whiskey” posts, note this is not a complete guide to spiking coffee or tea on ice. I did not test ALL possible combinations. I simply tested until I found a winner and moved on. This means the following information is subjective and is nothing more than a place to start.  Anything more “advanced” will obviously require focused and diligent testing.  So pick your poison, order some Fly Caught Coffee and Tea, and get after it!!  Also, if you disagree with these recommendations, I’d love to hear about it.  After all, I am always looking to try something new!
Which Whiskey Iced Edition Coffee and Tea Fly Fishing
Our Findings:
  • Green Drake Green Tea - There is no doubt, when our green tea is served over ice, it screams for a reliable but not overly peaty scotch.  So don't over think it and pour a splash of your favorite blended scotch, something like Johnnie Walker Red, into your next glass of iced Green Drake Green Tea!
  • BWO Earl Grey Blue Tea - This one was a bit of a surprise.  But the flavors in our BWO Earl Grey, when served over ice, seemed to blend perfectly with a splash of Jim Beam Green Apple.  Yep…and for those hardcore whiskey drinkers who are suspect of a “green apple” whiskey, well TRY it in our green tea and then judge.  You just might be as surprised as I was.
  • Adams Assam Tea - Our Adams Assam makes a fantastic cup of iced tea on its own. But as some tea drinkers know, adding just a touch of honey to an already great black tea can take things up a notch.  Which is why my pick for spiking a glass of iced Adams Assam Tea is none other than Jack Daniels Honey.
  • Barbless Blend Tea - Our Barbless Blend Tea is such a light and delicate tea that it will easily get lost if you chose to spike it improperly.  However that does not mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done.  It just means you need to pick a light and delicate whiskey.  I found that a shot of something like Bushmills Irish Whiskey was the right call here!
  • Hopper House Blend - Our medium roast coffee makes a smooth and easy drinking cold brew cup.  One that I think pairs perfectly with a smooth and easy drinking whiskey like the Jack Daniels.  So there is nothing fancy with the coffee or the whiskey in this pairing. Just a great glass created by two great ingredients.
  • PMD Panama -  Our lighter roasted and lighter tasting coffee, even when it is cold brewed, really needs a lighter whiskey.  This is why, in my opinion, a splash of the original Jameson Whiskey is just what the doctor ordered to spike your PMD on ice.  But watch your drink count…these seem to go down easy!
  • Stonefly Sumatra - Spiking our flagship coffee is simple.  Be it hot or over ice, Baileys Irish Cream “Whiskey” simply pairs perfectly and makes for a fantastic cocktail for on or off the river.
  • Bugmiester Blend - As one of our darker roasts, our Bugmiester blend makes a great cold brew and when served over ice it seems to pair well with a slightly sweeter whiskey.  This is why I loved a shot of Crown Royal Vanilla in with it!  It created a well balanced and easy drinking cup that left me wanting another!
  • Barbless Blend Coffee - Decaf coffee is often called “coffee without a kick.”  But I found that combining a shot of good Bourbon to a glass of our Barbless Blend Coffee added a different kind of kick.  One that made for a great evening, caffeine free, glass of iced coffee. Note…I did try numerous bourbons but was unable to pick a favorite.  So I would recommend sampling yourself…and then let us know which was your favorite!
Others Findings:
We were unable to quickly find many detailed “Iced Coffee & Tea Whiskey Pairings”.  So, if you know of any let us know and we will add them!
Cheers….and Keep Fishing!


PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE and always drink responsibly.