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Yeah...but which whiskey? - Tea Edition

What’s good for the goose…is good for the gander right?  Which is why we had to follow-up our recent blog post “Which Whiskey - Coffee Edition” with a “Which Whiskey - Tea Edition”.  So we forced ourselves to get back in the lab, brewed up some fresh tea, raided the whiskey shelf, and got to work.  I know…I know….its hard to believe but honestly this is work!  Now, before we get into the recommendations, I feel I must once again reiterate the same old disclaimers.  This is not a complete guide to spiking tea. I only looked at straight whiskey and tea combos.  I did not look at “tea cocktails” which usually include a handful of ingredients and which I’ll likely cover later. I did not test ALL possible combinations of whiskey and tea.  I simply tested until I found a winner and then moved on.  I only covered whiskey added directly to tea, not tea and whiskey styled “pairings.”  And finally, the following information is very subjective.  This is just a place to start.  A more “Jedi master” level understanding will certainly require focused and diligent “testing”.  So pick your poison, order some Fly Caught Tea, and get to mixing!!
Our Findings:
Remember, when it comes to discussions about “which is better” everyone has an opinion. And with that said, these are nothing more than the tea and whiskey combinations myself and my family and friends found that work well with the current Fly Caught teas.  If you disagree, let us know. We are always looking for a reason to review our research or retest!
  • Holiday Blend Tea - This “baked apple pie” in a cup screams for something very specific.  It screams for an added dash of cinnamon with a kick.  Which is exactly what a small shot of the much loved (or loathed) Fireball brings to the party.  Thats why it is the most logical match for our Holiday Blend and our pick for this tea.
  • BWO Earl Grey Blue Tea - This old school earl grey has a subtle twist mixed perfectly with a whiskey like Jim Beam Vanilla which is also a classic with a twist.  Jim Beam went well with this tea also but the hint of vanilla seemed to amplify the hint of sweetness in our tea all without becoming overpowering or off putting.
  • Green Drake Green Tea -  Our unique version of green tea actually worked well with a wide variety of whiskeys.  But, there was one that really stood out and to our surprise it was none other than Johnnie Walker Red.  There was something about the earthy notes in the green tea that seem to harmonize with the peat in the scotch, all while the sweet notes in the tea rounded off the rough edges resulting in a great combo.  It seems weird we know…but try it and thank us later!


Others Findings:




Cheers….and Keep Fishing!


PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE and always drink responsibly.